Selling Your Diamond Ring with Gold House

Do you have a diamond ring that you wish to sell? Gold House is at your service!

The prospect of selling your precious, diamond ring may be a daunting one, we completely understand. Whether it be a wedding ring, diamond ring or engagement ring, selling on high-value jewellery is often a difficult undertaking. Ensuring you get a fair deal, dealing with potential buyers and listing your assets on multiple online auction sites can be a real hassle. Luckily you are in the right place. At Gold House we are here to guide you through the selling process and we guarantee the best price for your diamond ring.

We want to assure you that there is no need to be concerned about valuations, receipts or paperwork regarding the piece you have. At Gold House we have experts that take care of appraising goods with or without paperwork.

The Gold House group of companies is New Zealand’s largest buyers of diamonds and gemstones and we won’t be beaten on price. You can learn about the Gold House price promise here. We will pay you New Zealand’s top prices for your precious jewellery today, guaranteed.


As we have mentioned, at Gold House we guarantee you the best price in all of New Zealand for your diamonds and gold jewellery. It is the expertise and experience of the Gold House team that enables us to appraise your goods with great accuracy.

  • We offer the best rates New Zealand
  • Instant cash on the spot
  • FREE appraisals free from obligation
  • Expert, GIA & trained staff in store to appraise your assets
  • No hidden fees
  • Safer and quicker than online marketplaces and auction sites.
  • Discreet, Private & Safe
  • Gold House has over 20 years in business, we are your local pawn shop


At Gold House we have diamond experts who specialize in the handling of your jewellery and can appraise your diamonds within minutes. This appraisal process is very simple and completed right in front of you, the team will talk you through their process so you learn what they’re looking at when they are creating your personalised offer.

On some occasions, further investigation into your jewellery item may be required and at this stage we will involve our GIA gemologist, who is an expert in the diamond and gem industry in New Zealand and overseas, to appraise your asset.

Our trained GIA diamond expert will carefully examine your asset to ensure we are paying you the maximum amount for your diamond and gold jewellery.


If you need cash in an instant but do not wish to sell your diamonds you can use your gems as collateral for a Gold House loan.  This means that you can still walk away with cash in your hand and have the ability to retain your jewellery once the loan has been repaid in full. You can learn more about the Gold House loan service here.

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