Millennials Selling Designer Handbags at the Pawnshop

The Millennial Generation are the Most Financially Conscious and Gold House is Lending a Helping Hand.

At Gold House, we stand strong in our position as New Zealand’s premier buyer of gold. Did you know that we also offer an exclusive and highly sought after retail collection?

Gold House buys, sells and hosts an exceptional range of luxury items. Designer handbags, designer watches, luxury jewellery and more. We have learned from our loyal customers that many young people are feeling the financial pinch in one way or another – Gold House has the solution for hard-working millennials seeking a little extra cash.

Although we specialise in buying and selling gold and jewellery, it is our collection of designer handbags that have emerged as our most sought after retail items. As a demographic, the millennial generation is statistically the most likely to be under financial pressure to some degree. They are too, the most likely to have designer handbags stashed away for safekeeping.

Gold House and the millennials of New Zealand can help each other out. The Gold House group of companies have been a pillar of the community for over two decades and we are not slowing down. Gold House is here for you and together we can unleash the true value of your assets

If you have a designer handbag that no longer sparks joy and are seeking extra cash right now, we have a solution for you. Whether its last season’s Gucci or a vintage Chanel, Gold House will give you a cash offer you cannot refuse.

Millennials & Minimalism

Hundreds of thousands of people have tuned into Netflix’s hit series Tidying with Marie Kondo, and nearly a million people follow The Minimalists online too. It is clear that the influence of these conscious-living leaders has left a positive mark on an entire swathe of the population.

We can all afford to have a declutter and, perhaps more significantly, benefit financially from freeing up more space in our lives. Designer handbags are statement items and retain their value incredibly well. Gold House appreciates how many designer handbags are coveted but also acknowledge that they can quickly fall out of favour in place of this year’s hot trends.

Whether your YSL phase is over or your Louis Vuitton look is so last year – we are here to help. Gold House is actively seeking to buy your luxury assets from you, in the form of designer handbags, gold and more. If it is no longer serving you, pass it along.

Gold House vs Auction Site

Here at Gold House, we believe that auction sites serve a great purpose. We also appreciate that auction sites can be arduous, time-consuming and they certainly cannot guarantee that you get the best or even fairest price for your designer handbag. Social media marketplaces have their benefits too, but in the instance of selling luxury designer handbags, their downfalls far outweigh the benefits.

Selling your designer handbag with Gold House is safe, convenient, discreet and of course, the only way to ensure that you receive top dollar for your investment piece.

Our services are discreet and confidential. We ask no questions and our online services are a safe and welcoming environment for all. If you want to discuss your options over the phone feel free to give us a call on (09) 666 8898, or complete our short online form and one of our staff will be in touch.

If you need cash on the spot but do not wish to sell your asset you can still profit from your designer handbag with ease. A loan on your designer handbag is the perfect solution to cover your short-term financial needs without having to sell your favourite pieces forever. You can learn more about Gold House loans here.

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