Are Rolex watches a good investment?

Here at Gold House, we are proud to be New Zealand’s number one lender, buyer and seller of exclusive, luxury watches. Naturally, our most popular pieces are Rolex watches.

The Gold House group of companies have been Auckland’s leading pawn shops for over 20 years. During that two-decade period, we collated an extensive collection of coveted watches from prestigious brands across our stores.

Are you interested in buying a Rolex watch? Do you have a Rolex watch that you are looking to sell? Do you have a Rolex watch that you can’t bear to part with, but need cash now?

Gold House has an answer for all of these questions and more. The elegant design, luxury materials and exquisite craftsmanship that come together to create a Rolex watch serve to make every single one of their pieces an investment item. Did you know, however, you can unlock the cash value of your Rolex watch without having to sell it? At Gold House, we not only buy and sell luxury watches but also offer loans with Rolex watches as collateral.

At Gold House, we specialise in brand new and pre-loved Rolex watches. We have just launched our new collection, in-store now, at Gold House.

Brand New Rolex Watches

We source brand new Rolex watches and sell them in our Gold House stores with a discount on the recommended retail price (RRP). We currently have two of the latest 2017-models in-store, the Rolex Submariner 2017 and the Rolex GMT 2017, with more limited edition stock hitting our lines on a weekly basis at our Gold House store.

Our Rolex Submariner 2017 watches come with an authentic box and warranty card; it is the Gold House way. The Rolex Submariner 2017 is on sale in-store for just $11,999. Likewise, the Rolex GMT 2017 comes with an authentic box and warranty card and is on sale in-store at $11,999.

Here at Gold House our Rolex collection is exceptionally popular and stock levels change regularly. Please enquire in-store for availability and prices.

Pre-Loved Rolex Watches

In addition to our collection of brand new Rolex watches we have an extensive range of pre-loved Rolex watches for you to invest in. Each and every one of our pre-loved Rolex watches are in excellent condition and have been appraised and evaluated by our expert team.

It is not only our collection of brand new Rolex watches that have our customers coming back for more. Our pre-loved Rolex range is the best in New Zealand and even features timepieces from the Rolex Datejust series.

In our Gold House store have the Rolex Datejust Diamond Dial 2000 in an authentic box, priced at $5,999. If you want to invest in a mid-level piece we stock the Rolex Datejust 2002, with a box and warranty card for $8,999 and we have the Rolex Datejust 2010 41mm, complete with box priced at $11,999.

Authenticating Pre-Loved Rolex Watches

The Gold House in-house Rolex experts authenticate every Rolex that is sold in store. All watches can be assessed, appraised and authenticated while in-store. Gold House can guarantee the authenticity of all luxury watches sold from our stores or your money back. You can learn about the Gold House authenticity guarantee here (LINK)

Purchasing from Gold House

Whether for yourself or a gift for a special someone, investing in a Rolex watch is a thrill. Rolex watches are so much more than stunning timepieces but they are a wise investment option too. The designer watches are famed for retaining their value and in fact, appreciate in value over time.

Our Gold House in-store professionals can help by showing you everything you need to know about the watch, including the boxes and warranty cards. You can invest with complete peace of mind.

Need cash now? Pawn or sell your Rolex to Gold House

If you have a Rolex watch that you would like to sell or pawn, visit us today to discuss your options, or complete an estimate form online now. Our knowledgeable team can assess your watch and make you an offer of cash on the spot. To learn more about selling to us, you can click here, or pawning to us with New Zealand’s best pawn rates, click here.

To browse one of New Zealand’s best collections of new and preloved Rolex watches, come on down to Gold House today.

Gold House – 87 Victoria Street, Auckland CBD – (09) 666 0770

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