Gold House appraises all entertainment, sports and musical signed articles and memorabilia along with all rare collectables for lending and selling purposes. Rare collectables are appraised through internal and external experts.

When selling or pawning your luxury Memorabilia and collectables, to gain the highest amount of capital be sure to bring with you authenticity certificates or PSA, JSA or CSA certificates that may accompany the asset.

Preferred Assets

Memorabilia and collectables accepted by Gold House:

Signed musical articles and instruments from living or deceased artists from Michael Jackson, to Bob Marley and Madonna.

Signed sports articles, team or individual sports wear and equipment from living or deceased sports icons and teams from Michael Jordan to the New York yankees and All Blacks.
Collectables including trading cards, comic books, coin collections, stamps and more.

Gold House welcomes the opportunity to appraise any and all memorabilia and collectables.

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